French Immersion

Chief Dan George Middle School has two unique French Immersion Programs:

  • Early French Immersion
    • This is a program for students who have been a part of French Immersion since Kindgergarten.  Typically these students have been a part of the four Elementary French Immersion programs in Abbotsford at: Sandy Hill, Margaret Stenerson, Centennial Park or Clearbrook Elementary Schools.  Interested Grade 5 students in the French Immersion programs at these four schools are automatically transitioned to the Chief Dan George French Immersion program for grade 6.
    • In this program this year we have 8 classes this year. 
  • Late French Immersion
    • This Two Year Program begins at the Grade 6 level and targets students who have had little or no previous training or experience in the French language. Any student who has successfully completed Grade 5 is eligible to participate and is open to students who live anywhere in the Abbotsford School District. Exceptional work habits, regular attendance, and a desire to learn a second language, are important for success in this program. Students interested in new challenges will find this program both challenging and rewarding.  Upon completion of this program in Grade 7, students join our Early French Immersion students in class in Grade 8.
    • In this program this year we have one Grade 6 class and one Grade 7 class
    • If you are interested in this program, we are pleased to invite you to an Parent Meeting about this exciting educational opportunity for September 2024:
      • Date and Time: Jan 11,2024,  6:30 - 7:30 @ Chief Dan George Middle School
    • To register for this program:
      • Please click on this link to find the Registration Form. Once completed, please submit this to the Chief Dan George office beginning when the lottery process opens in late January (Jan 22, 2024).  Please note acceptance into the program will be based on a lottery system.  To finalize your registration and secure a place in this lottery, you must go to the District Website to find the instructions for entering the lottery (note that the lottery link will be posted on the first day of registration under "District Programs.") Once the lottery opens (Jan 22, 2024), we accept registrations for 1 week. This is a popular program that fills quickly and the lottery closes at the end of the week.  All applicants whose names are chosen from the lottery will be notified as soon as possible. If you register after this date, your name will most likely be put on a waitlist for when spaces open.