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Blog: Thursday, April 18th, 2019

CDG Commits to Be Fit

Chief Dan George Middle School has teamed up with UFV’s professor of Kinesiology, Brian Justin, to offer students and staff the opportunity to improve movement, endurance and overall health. The project began over two years ago with the construction of a new fitness room in the school. Mr. Justin collaborated with our athletic director, Colleen Sullivan, to plan and prepare circuits and purchase exercise equipment that support the programs developed for our students and staff. We wanted to make the fitness room a fun place for students; therefore, we contacted local artist Gord Patterson, who accepted to paint murals in the room. We began education and training sessions with staff last year in preparation for the opening of the room to students as of this past September. We created a schedule, and each class has two 45-minute sessions per week. The circuit has 5 stations that focus on strengthening the core and controlled movements. Students are also learning self-regulation as each of them have a heart rate monitor and must maintain a specific rate that is projected on the television. We have been fortunate to have UFV students volunteer their time to work alongside teachers in the instruction of the various strengthening exercises. The fitness room is not only for the enjoyment of students but staff as well. They have been participating in after-school sessions with Brian, working on mental and physical well-being through somatics and exercise. Overall, the addition of the fitness room has been beneficial to our school community as we have committed to being fit. 

Vice-Principal, Chief Dan George Middle School