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Neufeld Orders

Hello CDG families!

Every year, the CDG band program runs 4 fundraisers for students to raise money toward their Grade 8 Band Trip. The first of these is our Neufeld Farms fundraiser which opens today! The orders close on Tuesday, October 26th at 11:59PM. Orders will be delivered to the school for pick-up on Friday, November 5th at 1:00PM. 

If you have a child in the band program and want to purchase food, follow the link below and fill out the order form. When it asks for "Seller" choose your child's name. Profit from the order will be attributed to that student's account. Anyone you know may do the same. All students/families will be responsible to pick-up/distribute all orders purchased using that child as the "Seller".

For non-band families wanting to order/contribute, you can choose "CDG Band Program" as the seller. Profit will be placed in the general band account for maintenance, purchasing instruments, or purchasing music. Your order will be delivered to the school, and you are to come pick it up.
The system itself is very intuitive. I already purchased a year's supply of chicken strips. If you have any questions, please reach out to me via e-mail: jason.hawkins [at]
Thank you for your ongoing support of the CDG band program!

Current until: Tuesday, October 26th, 2021
Posted: Friday, October 8th, 2021